In the last several years social media has exploded. It has become the premier marketing tool for many professionals across many industrials and that includes realtors. Facebook and Twitter to site just two examples have given many realtors an opportunity to find clients and build relationships. Becoming a social media realtor is very easy. The key, however, is being consistent.

Potential buyers and sellers have become very savvy and use the internet to education themselves. They have a good grasp of what’s out there in terms of real estate and they know there are many realtors to choose from. One of the deciding factors can be how social media savvy they are. Being on several social media platforms and consistently posting and reaching out to potential buyers and sellers is a must for any realtor that wants to be succeeding.

That means educating yourself to becoming a social media realtor. Take some time and look at the most successful realtors. See what they are doing right on social media. Examine their posts. Study their brands and make notes along the way. When you have some ideas that you like quickly apply them to your online marketing plan and see how things work out.

Like anything, this process takes time. You will eventually build a good online network by sharing informative content and actively prospecting using social media. Before you know it you will have a healthy follower count and the potential to make more money.