Kijiji is one of best forms of marketing for any realtor. It’s easy-to-use, convenient and best of all: it’s free. For it to help you and your marketing strategy you must use it consistently (that means daily) and create ad postings that give viewers as much pertinent information about the home you are selling as possible. The ad should be well writing with high quality images and your contact information in at least two areas of the post. Also, think about how you can position the home. Think about a potential family moving in–and incorporate the fact it is family friendly in the title like: Parks and Schools around 1234 Baker Ave. Always think about what your potential buyer would like to see and find. And don’t be afraid to experiment on ads by using different titles and information in the body of the ad.

Kijiji is a powerful marketing tool by itself and now imagine coupling it with social media. Use Facebook to advertising your Kijiji ads. Share you ads with your followers. That will be you an automatic post which you can share a few times. Don’t be afraid to tag some followers that you might think can help you sell the listing. And remember to note something like a referral fee that they will get if they help you find a buyer.

Don’t like the power of Kijiji pass you by. Use it to your advantage and you might surprise yourself and sell some homes from a few free listings.