One of the most inexpensive and easiest ways to create leads is by writing a blog. Many Realtors have websites that have a section for blogs that are  remain unused. Realtors should be some of the first to embrace such an opportunity but a lot of them don’t because it takes time. Investing a few hours each week in researching and writing an informative blog could give you the edge over other realtors.

At first it may seem like a daunting task: to consistently come up with blog topics, write the blog and then post them on social media. If you think of it as a task it won’t help your business at all. You need to put yourself into a mindset that blogging is creating value for your brand–potential customers will see it as a great resource when they are trying to buy a new home. They will associate your website and blog to aiding them to buying a new home rather than just selling a house.

So how do you start?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! If you already have a blog on your site you already have a leg up. If you don’t ask a web designer to set one up for you. The next step is to brainstorm some popular topics to write about. Since you already have some or a lot experience selling homes you already know what the customers want to know. Write down questions potential home buyers have and use the blog to answer them. The blog entries don’t have to be long. Remember to write in a clear and concise manner.

Keyword research is another important task you must do before blogging. Write down keywords that you want your blog writing to be associated with. Doing this will help potential home buyers find your blog. Also many keywords that you might want to use have been taken. Be sure to write down and use long-tail keywords. These are keywords that aren’t being used as much such as ‘home buying tips.’ Use long-tail keywords such as ‘Buying a Condo around King Street Toronto’ or ‘First time buyers looking for a Toronto home.’

As for photos, you can use stock photos from an array of websites on the net. The price varies for the photos you want to use. There are also some other sites that have photos that you can use for free. Just use Google and you will find what you are looking for!

Another tip is blog and blog often. It might be tough in the beginning, but when you get the ball rolling the ideas will come and writing will flow. After a while you will have a lot of content and useful content for potential customers on your blog. If you write frequently and provide good content Google will ultimately reward you. You just have to keep at it and remain focused on the goals at hand: creating a great blog for potential customers and generating leads through this process.





Image: Potts Black Lock