If you are a professional realtor chances are one of the most important things you do is network. Networking helps you build relationships and then in turn helps you build your brand and business. However, have you truly spent time in the last while just going out and building your network? Let’s be honest–it is very tough. Between dealing with customers and other administrative realtor tasks having time to professionally network can be tough. It is also something you need to find time to do now.

Here’s a quick tip that might help your realty business. Look though Facebook and the internet and find like-minded individuals. Contact them and see if you can come up with a mutual plan to help each other. Chances are if your client is buying a home they are interested in items like furniture–then reach out to a furniture salesperson. In turn they can open their network and keep their eyes and ears open for potential clients for you. Also, if you have a client selling their home chances are they may want a transport company to help them move. You get the picture!

If you build a network that will benefit you and your connection, you will make a powerful alliance creating business for everyone! And it all starts with dipping into your existing network on social media and finding who needs what and helping them in some way. It will take time but before you know it, you are getting leads from a host of your network connections.


Image: Kindness Blog