As a realtor it’s tempting to use Facebook as an marketing tool to simply try to sell your property listings. That’s ok sometimes. But think about it: how many people want to continually see posts about you selling another home? Think yourself as a potential home buyer. And think about what you want to see on Facebook as a social media user. Would you like to be bombarded by posts trying to hock something? The answer is probably no. So how to you attract potential home buyers or home sellers to do business with you?

You use Facebook to educate, inform, excite and entertain. Post topics and bits of information that will aid viewers to make right choices about selling or buying a home. If you show yourself as posting a blog that you wrote about finding the right real estate agent or tips on staging your home before selling it can be great resources for Facebook viewers. Be sure to keep adding posts of value and interact with anyone who might have any questions about the real estate market. Become a brand that is synonymous with helping people rather than simply just selling property.

People in general love anything that can help them to make their lives easier. Creating content on the Facebook that helps them in some way to understand about the process of selling or buying a home makes you look like you want to genuinely help them. However, saying that, you have then earned the right to post property you want to sell sometimes. Just remember to make those posts equally informative and fun to entice the viewer to bite!



Image: Great Colorado Homes