The lifeblood of the realty business are leads. Acquiring leads is a little bit tougher when you are starting out in the business. One way of building your leads is using Facebook to find them. Before doing so don’t think about selling property–instead think about how you can help a person. Seek out potential leads by posting an answer to a question that has been heavily asked. Use images and even video media if you can to further illustrate your point.

Use Google to your advantage by searching what people are asking as home owners, buyers, sellers and even as renters. Make a list of the questions people have posted and observed how the questions have been answered. See if you can add to the answer and then post the question and answer combo on Facebook.

Also you can build up your brand and reputation by becoming the realtor that educates rather than doing the hard sell off the bat. By answering questions (and posting questions) you are showing people that you are listening and interested more about them and less about rushing to make a sale.

When doing your research keep either a physical notebook beside you or open up Word and make notes there. Be sure to make notes on keywords and possible long-tail keyword opportunities that you can add to your realtor site or blog.



Image: Rentacomputer