Blogging isn’t something that you do once. It is an important marketing tactic that needs to be done consistently. When you write blog entries that people want to read, they will continue to visit your site and then share it with people they know. Useful advice and insightful knowledge are hallmarks of good content. People respect that. So if you are already blogging good for you. And if you are new to the blogging scene I applaud you for starting! Here are 5 blogging tips to boost your site traffic.

  1. Write content that people want to read. If you don’t know what to write about take a few moments and peruse the internet and find what kind of content people are reading. Also do some research into some questions people are asking and making sure you answer them when writing your blog.
  2. Share your content. Using social media like Facebook and Twitter is vital to share you content with the world at large. Don’t be afraid to explore an array of different social media like Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Be sure you look into where you are mostly getting your leads from and work from there.
  3. The more you write the better. Well yes and no. If you write a lot of content that no one wants then no one will visit your site. If you write a lot of content that people want that’s perfect. Writing consistently and with purpose are two major ingredients of a good blog. I read a great article a while ago about a business owner who looked into content marketing and more specifically blogging. He blogged every night with out fail and saw his traffic grow. If you don’t know where to start, write about your experience as a realtor. Write about your clients are asking you.
  4. Researching keywords. Chances are you are up against a lot of realtors that are vying for the same keywords–them being words like ‘property’ ‘for sale’ ‘Toronto homes’ etc. You can definitely use them, but ideally you should make a list that will help you drive traffic to your site–unique keywords that will separate you from the herd. Instead of incorporating a keyword like ‘Toronto home for sale’ trying using a longer keyword like ‘Great Starter home for sale in Toronto.’ It is unique and specific and although the search for that long-tail keyword isn’t high, people will come to your site because you rank high in the search engine for it. You can type in Google Keyword Research Tool into Google and use that–but you need to create a Gmail+ account if you already don’t have one.
  5. Blog for other sites. If you have enough experience and enough good content on your site, you can show that portfolio to online newspapers and sites and offer your writing services to them. You can quickly build valuable links back to your site–another great source for real estate leads for you are business.


Image: Startingablog123