Stepping into your clients shoes is easier than you think. When writing beneficial blog posts always think about how it will directly help them. The post should be focused on making his or her life easier by espousing helpful information and making things clearer. Take some time to reflect on quality customer service and what it takes to get a client to refer you.

You are a customer yourself so think about the best customer service experiences that you ever had and the worst. Think about what you’re after as a customer. Is it a polite and courteous sales rep? Is it a detail oriented and confident sales rep? Is it a knowledgeable and experienced sales rep? There are key attributes you always look for when dealing with a sales rep.

However it all leads back to the main point of this article: helping the customer by giving them exceptional and total satisfaction starting with a helpful blog post.

Is this actually doable?

It definitely is because you succeed in relation to the quality of your leads. If you attract potential leads with insightful articles you are educating and essentially qualifying your leads before you even talk with them. The strong leads you acquire are hungry for information that can help them to find a home.

These people will look through your bother blog posts and gather information for themselves and equally make a decision about you and why they should do business with you and not with the other realtor down the street. It boils down to the fact that you are giving them something of value and you are investing in their development as a buyer or seller‎.

How would like to be one of the rare Realtors that blog?

Their aren’t too many that do. I randomly chose 30 Realtors and only 2 blogged and from these 2 only 1 blogged regularly. ‎That’s about 3% that use blogging as a consistent marketing tool. Instead of utilizing this awesome (and free) marketing tool some Realtors spend a lot of money getting their faces and brand out there.

When potential clients see you are you truly giving them anything of value? You aren’t. You are telling them about you instead of showing them how you can help. By blogging content that educates you are showing why you are the right person to help them. The more you write on topics that your leads want to know about, you are building a goldmine for yourself. It may take some time and some effort but leads will come!

Topic ideas?

If you are having trouble thinking up topics to writing on simply Google questions like How buy a first house. Seems simple enough however you are researching what your lead wants to read. Google should be one of the most important tools in your arsenal. You can find what is trending amongst home buyers and information about the market. If you find out what your leads and clients want they will refer you to others! ‎

Image: julesdesign‎