Did you know there are over 50,000 realtors in the GTA? That’s a tremendous amount of competition for you! So how do you truly succeed in the competitive Toronto real estate market? Here are 5 quick tips on how you can differentiate and excel as a realtor in Toronto

Specialize – in the beginning of your career selling property you simply want to get your feet wet. That means selling anything you can and helping any client that wants your help! However, as you continue you may find some areas you like selling as well as a type of property. Let’s say you like selling Condos around the downtown Toronto area. That can be your niche! When you specialize clients know you as the realtor that has a lot information and knowledge on condos in the Toronto downtown core. When that happens you build a stronger brand and ultimately it is easier to build your website sites and other promotional tools around it.

Create a unique Website – Have you noticed that a lot of realtors’ website sites look like they have been popped out of the cookie-cutter? Well you’re not the only one. It baffles me how many realtors don’t properly use their own internet properties well while trying to help you sell yours! Regardless, you have a great opportunity to tailor-make a website that stands out from the rest. Be sure to do your research and find a good designer to help you make your website vision into realty. Focus on aspects of the site that can help the client. And be sure to stay away from companies that specialise in making real estate websites. Although they may understand your market and have experience in dealing with many other realtors, it doesn’t mean they know how to truly build a site for YOU.

Harness social media – It’s 2016 and Social Media is one of the most important marketing tools for any and every realtor. If you aren’t using it you are missing out on a lot of leads while building your online network. If you are using it, let me pose the question: are you using it to it’s fullest potential? If you are using social media for simply posting up properties for sale you are wasting your time.

People see a lot of posts during the day through Facebook. Remember to post items of interest like articles or original blog posts that you wrote. It is a good rule of thumb to dedicate 80% of your posts to items that will excite, entertain and educate your viewers. And with your 20% of posts dedicate them to showing properties! Also treat social media platforms such as Facebook as a tool where you can reach out personally to your contacts and ask them if they could help you out; if they know anyone that is selling or looking to buy a place.

And lastly use different social media platforms for different marketing campaigns. For example. you can use Twitter as a place to show properties and Facebook as a place to educate your potential clients.

Educate don’t Sell – Let’s face it many realtors think themselves as salespeople. The more progressive ones brand themselves as a consultant and the best realtors look at themselves as a brand that equates value, satisfaction, education and everything positive you can think of in relation to the best customer service.

Educating the client is a process that starts even before they are either buying a home or selling their property. Educating the viewer takes time and doesn’t necessarily mean you will have many clients at first. People need to see your brand in action. They want to know about real estate even before they are ready to sell. Getting your name out there is important, associating your brand with knowledge, growing experience and understand are hallmarks of a realtor who is interesting in building long-term relationships.

Build your network – Everyone can build a network but only you can build a network that will power you to success! You can simply create a network by exposing your social media followers and friends to what you do and how you can help them. Starting a career in real estate is tough, so it is imperative that you build a network from the get-go. Social media, events, conferences, social gatherings are some of a few places to building contacts and create long-lasting friendships.

Remember that the network that you build is unique and is tailor-made for you (afterall you are creating it.) And always think about how your brand is reflected in the public and within your personal network. Never look desperate by constantly selling. As noted before, build value for your brand by associating it with positive things like showing viewers your knowledge of the real estate marketing by sharing tips, updates and articles that might help a potential home buyer.


Image: ixactcontact